My name is Ti Marie Kalembert. I was born in April of 1930. I love to cook, clean and I enjoy oral sex. I saved all my gray pubic hair in my closet. I am always right. I think I am so beautiful it's not even funny.
My favorite Haitian proverb : "Pise gaye Pa kimen"
"Spread Piss doesn't foam".


My Name is Boss Gera, I am a man without a plan. I spend all day driving my wife around town and taking orders from her. I pretend to have a bad back so I don't have to do work around the house.
My favorite Haitian proverb: Makak pa janm kwe ke pitit li led. A monkey never thinks her baby's ugly.


People call me Gros Moso, aka Mandingo. I consider my self a hustler, I can sell anything. I am an inspired rapper and a drum player.
I enjoy biting my toe nails.
My favorite Haitian proverb: Mitlat pov se Negre. Negre rich se milat.
A poor mulatto is black, a wealthy black is a mulatto.


People around town call me Solanj, I am a voodou priest and I aslo own a local botanica store. I can cure anything including erectile dysfunction better than Viagra. Lol
My Favorite Haitian proverb: Bel anteman pa di Paradi
A beautiful funeral doesn't guarantee heaven.


They call me Pasteur. Ti Djo, you don't want me near your daughters. I love to read the news paper and I love Politics. I tried that graisse cacao and the extenze pill before , that shit did not work at all. Lol...
Favorite Haitian proverb: chak chien niche prop tet kok pa yo!
Each dog licks his own balls

Tiline Palekaka

My name is Ti Liline, daughter of Ti Marie. I love spending my time on facebook chatting with boys on chapchap. My mom said I have a bank in between my legs, and I better learn how to use it.
My favorite Haitian Proverb: "Pale Francais pa di lespri pou sa"
Speaking French doesn't mean you are smart.